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Understanding your needs

Advisory Services


Decision-making and problem-solving are multidimensional processes that require a mixture of knowledge and experience. The business consultant must combine knowledge and techniques which solve a wide range of problems, whether they are organizational, financial or tax-nature.

The majority of companies make a continuous effort to organize and improve the operation of their activities and departments. The company is getting closer to achieving competitive advantage because sales-marketing, human resource management, production management, finance and research improve their efficiency over time. But there are limits to what the company can achieve by relying on its strengths. At this critical point, an external consultant, thanks to his experience, theoretical training and ability to conduct business research, can provide new directions and solutions to achieve competitive advantage faster and more effectively.

Although the primary goal for many companies is to survive, the current state of the economy intensifies competition and don’t give much opportunity for growth. However, there are ways and solutions. Elements of these solutions may include shrinking to a sustainable size, changing direction, achieving a competitive advantage and extroversion. The academic community has studied these capabilities due to the global economic situation and created models and techniques that many large companies apply to avoid every possible consequence. Our business puts its experience and knowledge at your disposal, as we can explore and evaluate these methods together.

In summary, our services:

• Business Plan.
• Business/investment viability studies.
• Company/group of companies valuation studies.
• Tax Services.
• Labor Services.
• Accounting Services.

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