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Understanding your needs

Establishment of Companies


For the legal form choice of the company, we should consider factors such as tax and insurance regime, company’s organization, property situation of the company members, activity and future business plan of the company. Therefore, when we formulate the business strategy, we should consider the factors above for the type and legal form of the company.

The Exelixis consulting department, with many years of experience in the financial sector, achieves the immediate codification of changes and their implementation, resulting in the provision of high-quality services.

Focusing on the specifics of each business, we develop a comprehensive tax, insurance, and corporate plan, fully harmonized with the current legislation.

More specifically, we provide the following services:

The process of establishing a Company includes the following steps:

• Collection of data for the choice of company type.
• Corporate type design.
• Statute drafting.
• Issue of tax number VAT number.
• Registration in the Register of the Chamber of Commerce (GEMI).
• Registration in the competent tax office.
• Registration in the EFKA Registry.
• Inventory at IKA for the creation of an employer register.
• Organization of the Accounting Department according to IAS.
• Services for opening accounts in a Bank.
• Services for operation license.

Other Company procedures

• Conversion of Companies
• Acquisitions – Mergers – Absorption of companies
• De-Mergers of companies
• Company liquidation

Support for setting up companies abroad

Exelixis works with a wide network of independent professionals, mainly in Europe, to provide Accounting and Consulting Services.

Our partners have many years of experience, expertise, and reliability, contributing positively to the development of our customers at the national and international levels.