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Payroll Issuance & Managment


The Labor and Insurance legislation in Greece is a real maze of laws, regulations, court decisions that requires proper knowledge and specialization.

Our company “exelixis” has the appropriate and qualified department for the issuance and management of payroll, always following the certified ISO organization standards and the current legislation on GDPR.

Choosing our company “exelixis” ensures that you are fully and accurately informed about every labor and insurance change while ensuring you save time, confidentiality and immediacy.

Briefly our services:

• Payroll issuance and management.
• Issuing employment contracts in accordance with the labor legislation.
• Issuing payroll and accounting article.
• Costing by employee, specialty and cost centers by branch and work department.
• Electronic sending of files to the social security funds.
• Electronic sending of payment receipts per employee and statements for the payment of salaries to the banking institution.
• Electronic sending of monthly salary statements and Fiscal Tax returns.
• Start and employer’s inventory in the respective social security funds.
• Advisory services on insurance and labour legislation.
• Calculation and issuance of fees for members of the Board of Directors and fees of Managers (PC, LLC, GP, LP).

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