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Tax Services


In an ever-changing tax environment, accurate and timely information for businesses is becoming a decisive factor in their future decisions and growth. The requirements of tax laws and regulations have increased, making the need for tax support one-way more than ever.

The main objective of our company is not just to be the operator of the company’s tax data but to stand next to the company as a tax consultant with the ultimate goal of minimizing the tax burden.

The tax department of our company is composed of a sufficient number of experienced staff so that each business΄ immediate codification and information will be achievable. We provide a comprehensive tax planning and strategy in terms of minimizing business΄ tax burden-which is fully harmonized with the current tax legislation and always follows the specificities of each business.

“Our priority is the harmonization of businesses to tax and labour legislation changes”.

Briefly our services:

• Providing tax advice according to the scope and sector of each company’s activity.
• Tax technical support for companies and their harmonization with tax legislation.
• Compilation of all types of tax returns for legal and natural persons.
• Conducting tax audits and settling outstanding tax issues.
• Establishment and support of domestic and foreign companies.
• Exploiting the tax benefits of the development laws.
• Tax technical support of individuals on specific tax issues
• Transfer of shares, company shares, real estate.
• Transfer pricing, preparation and updating of documentation files.

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