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Understanding your needs

Tax Planning


In today’s changing and competitive environment, every business must include the changes in income taxation in its plan. In business decision-making, we should first consider the tax consequences assessment.

At “exelixis” we have the knowledge and experience for business. We enable entrepreneurs to be flexible and limit their tax burdens. By understanding your needs, we plan and achieve the best possible result.

In summary, our services:

• Business Tax Reorganization.
• Tax planning for mergers.
• Tax planning for investment in fixed assets.
• Exploitation of the tax provisions provided by the development laws.
• Tax treatment of banking and capital market contracts.
• Tax planning for dividends, interest, and royalties.
• Transfer Pricing, documentation files for intra-group transactions.
• Transfer and holding of immovable property taxation.
• Inheritance and gift taxation.
• Tax planning and incentives provided by legislation for mergers and acquisitions.

We aim to analyze your business and propose sustainable solutions.

We design the optimal decision according to main pillars such as the object (trade, services, energy), markets, business risk, service to your customers and expansion of your business.

The company’s Articles of Association, the Share Capital, the composition of the Board of Directors, and the design of the Company Profile are some of the extra consulting services we provide.

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