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The tax regime in Greece is undergoing a period of constant reform. There are now two central pillars in the search for the concealed taxable material, which the A.A.D.E. refers to at every opportunity:

1. Tracking the money to the final beneficiary
2. The control of intra-group transactions and the transfer of profits between tax entities.

About intra-group transactions, the K.F.E. defines who is obliged to prepare the documentation file for these transactions as the fines and surcharges imposed for the incomplete or non-implementation of the relevant provisions. At the same time, the Centre for the Control of Large Enterprises (KE.ME.EP), as the competent audit center, is staffed with well-trained personnel and carries out systematic audits.

In this context, our Company can accurately indicate the persons required, by law, to prepare a documentation file. Moreover, with its extensive expertise in OECD documentation methodologies and its access to international business databases, it can majorly contribute to the preparation of files and the assimilation of modern transaction management logic.

• Design of pricing policies.
• Continuous Intra-group Transaction Control.
• Pre-Approval Support for Intra-Participant Pricing Methodology (APA’s).
• Compilation of documentation files for intra-group transactions.

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