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Understanding your needs



Our company, taking advantage of national and European programs, offers you solutions for the modernization and development of your business. Be responsibly informed, prepare on time to support existing and start-up businesses and gain a competitive advantage.

The procedure we follow is as follows:

Research of the business needs depends on the industry and the selection of adaptation to the new data of the modern economy.

Before the preparation and submission of the grant, the file requires valid and on-time information about membership, conditions of participation, obligations and rights or commitments of the client.

Assessment of the investment plan before submission.

Advice and guidance in budget expenditure planning.

History and future investment plan record of the business in cooperation with the legal representative of the firm.

Documentation of the investment feasibility, coverage of the financing scheme, choice of the promotion and organization of your business.

Documentation of the expected results after the implementation of the investment proposal.

Necessary legal documents collection and sending for the applicant’s application file.

Check the supporting documents & financial offers (eligible costs).

Project management following the approval decision of the project control body, including preparation of the required interim and final progress reports, consult on invoicing, payment documentation and document control.

We provide full support for subsidy services such as:

• Development Law
• Programs through (ΜΕΟ-OAED)
• Special Leader programs
• Rural Development Programs
• Regional Operational Programs