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Business Loans Restructuring

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Bank financing for businesses is essential to ensure their constant access to capital. However, many companies are unable, each for their reasons, to service their loan obligations. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate their financial position and find a new viable financing formula adjusted to their needs and capabilities.

The only realistic option for businesses is to settle their debts directly with the systemic banking institutions, as through direct negotiations with factoring companies to whom businesses have transferred their debt.

In summary, our services:

• Identification and recording of the current situation and all debts.
• Drawing up, always in cooperation with the company, a viable debt repayment plan.
• Preparation of the dossier and participation in the negotiation process.
• Checking the legality of your signed loan agreement following the requirements of legislation and case law.

By successful negotiation can be achieved:

• Long-term regulation.
• Interest rate reduction.
• Extension of the repayment period.
• Partial debt write-off.
• Grace period.
• Assignment of mortgaged property with debt reduction.

If implemented correctly and consistently, financial restructuring can lead to the survival of the business and have the following advantages:

• Protection of corporate and personal property.
• Return to profitability.
• Creditworthiness.
• Creating a healthy company with resale value.

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