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Quality Policy


The Company «APOSTOLIDIS CHRISTOS», with the distinctive title “exelixis”, responding to the requirements of modern business reality and aiming to improve its organizational structure and internal communication, always aiming at faster and better service to its customers, decided to design and apply a Quality Management System according to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System covers the following scope: Provision of accounting, tax consulting and financial services, and was designed in accordance with the needs and objectives of the Company and the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the current Greek and Community Legislation.

Satisfying and ensuring customer confidence through the fulfillment of defined quality standards and consistency in deliveries are basic principles of the Company.

The overall objective of the company is to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers to the maximum extent possible, to offer products of excellent quality and high benefit and for this reason it establishes measurable objectives for Quality by seeking:

For the implementation of the above, the Company is bound to comply with the legal and regulatory framework, while at the same time the Administration will support and apply the Quality Management System consistently by establishing measurable objectives for Quality, and by depending on the full and complete productive cooperation of its employees and its collaborators.

The basic principles as expressed through the Company’s Quality System procedures are:
• Compliance with pre-established customer requirements according to the contractual agreements in order to increase customer satisfaction.
• Continual after sale service, as well as constructive cooperation with all collaborators.
• Continual employee information and training.
• Identification of non-compliances or complaints and defining corrective actions.

The System’s principals, as well as the objective quality goals, are being reviewed at regular intervals from the Company Administration, in order to be adjusted to the new market needs and developments, legal requirements, and towards meeting the Company’s continual improvement objective.

Through systematic reviewing of the above, the Administration is in constant search to identify both human and logistical needs. The Administration also bounds, to do its utmost to provide the required resources in order to meet the needs that occur and form from the existing situations.

All departments of the Company are responsible to comply, absorb and implement the procedures that the Quality System requires into their everyday activities.

It is also Company’s duty to ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood and implemented by all Company staff, with the aim of continual, steady growth of business activity and constant offer of high-quality services. The Quality Policy is being communicated to the staff through trainings, information, staff meetings and most importantly, through constant implementation of the Quality System’s requirements from the Administration.

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